All cadets parents are welcome to the the meeting at 7pm tonight MONDAY 15 MAY 2017 at 59 Huddersfield Squadron.

Refreshments provided


“5. The Association Committee. The Association and its property shall be managed and administered by a committee comprising the three office holders and other members appointed in accordance with the Constitution. These office holders and other committee members are together called the “committee” in the Constitution. These individuals are trustees and holders in respect of the non-public fund. They do not have any responsibilities in respect of public funds. The responsibilities of trustees of squadron associations is contained in ACP 11, Chapter 5, para’s 19 to 24.

6. Eligibility for Membership of the Association. Membership of the Association is open to individuals over 18 years of age drawn from any or all of the following:

a. Parents or Guardians of cadets serving in the squadron.

b. Current members of the Committee.

c. By invitation representatives of local companies or organisations within the community with an interest in youth.

d. By invitation representatives of the Local Education Authority, Police, Fire Ambulance and other organisations concerned with youth and citizenship training who have indicated that they wish to support the activities of the squadron.

e. Invited individuals experienced in working with young people.

f. A member of the local RAFA Branch Committee.

g. The Wing Chairman.

Parents of current cadets together with existing Committee Members and the person filling the role of Wing Chairman are automatically Association members.

Civilian Welfare Committee AGM TONIGHT