Sergeant Liam Clarke and Civilian Instructor Natalie Atha, both adult instructors with 59 Huddersfield Squadron Air Cadets, were travelling home after a cadet event on Friday 1 April 2016 on Bradford Road Huddersfield, when Liam noticed a car with its hazard lights on and a gathering or people at a junction with traffic lights, as he approached the traffic lights he spotted that a scooter and rider had been involved in a collision with the car.
Liam who is also a Special Constable and Natalie who is 59 Huddersfield Air Cadets Adjutant, pulled over to help.
Liam telephoned for assistance from the police and ambulance service, wrote down statements from the car driver and witnesses and controlled the road so traffic could pass safely.
Natalie chased down and stopped the community first responder who had driven past the incident to go to another higher priority incident where someone had suffered a cardiac arrest. She gave her coat to the injured rider as it was raining and cold and kept them calm and still as they were complaining of back pain, until an Ambulance arrived.
Thanks to their calm approach and Liam’s training the incident was managed well and the casualty was treated for their injuries.